Do you spend more time stressed out than feeling peace?

Are you lacking joy in your life?

Do you find yourself just going through the motions and wondering "Is    this all there is?


Chart a new course and reach the new horizons you deeply yearn for!

Life Coach Julie Jules Julz Juls Koehler Foss Foos Foose

Juls Foos is a Speaker & Certified Life Coach who loves God and    works with people to discover their unique gifts and purpose while    building the life, relationships and success of their dreams. 

If you want to enjoy your life and get excited about getting out of bed each day, call Life Coach Juls at 585-723-9503 for a life coach that energizes, thinks outside of the box, sees endless possibilities and ignites inspired action within you!  

Practical:  Through Life Coaching, you will discover strategies, solutions and empowering steps towards your goals

Experiential:   You are asked to try things and do hands on activities and exercises to help in the self-discovery process. The purpose of these experiential activities is to help you increase your awareness and find solutions that work for YOU.

Engaging:   The focus is on finding strategies and motivators that help and inspire you to have sustainable success.
Learning:   You will experience “ah ha” moments throughout the Life Coaching process. These are moments when you discover something about yourself that you didn’t know.  You will learn the thread that has been running your life and the gift you have within you that, when tapped into, will allow you to accomplish anything!
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